Knowledge, experience and new technologies

Adverto Metrics is a Mystery Shopping & Experience Management company. With knowledge, 15 years of experience and new technologies, we help clients to improve the quality of service, establish stronger connections with customers and employees and increase their sales and profits.

Beginnings and specialization

Adverto Metrics doo Belgrade was founded in 2004 under the name Adverto Mystery Shopping, the first and only specialized company for Mystery Shopping (MS) in Serbia.

Understanding the meaning

With an innovative method and great effort, we managed to win the trust of the then pioneering companies that understood the importance of providing quality service and investing in customer satisfaction.

The eyes and ears of management

From the beginning of our work, we have been providing clients with data in specialized online software in real time for comfortable monitoring of project progress, ie review of reports and analytics. We have become the "eyes and ears of management" .

New challenges

Meanwhile, our clients have set new requirements for us in terms of service quality, customer experience, customer satisfaction and loyalty and other types of research. These requirements were our professional challenge and opportunity to improve our own and our clients' business.

New methods

In 2013, we included Customer Experience (CX) in our services , a rapidly growing method of customer satisfaction and loyalty in developed markets . That same year, Adverto Mystery Shopping became Adverto Metrics .

Simple and understandable solutions

Today, we grow together with our clients from a wide variety of industries. The market is bigger, more demanding, more complicated and that is why we are here to find a solution from a pile of complex data that our clients can easily apply and benefit from. Our customers tend to be exceptional , and we are pleased to that we can and give them help .

Are you interested?

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