CX 1

Successful Customer Experience (CX) program

Do you want to:

  • delight users / customers?
  • increase customer / customer loyalty ?
  • dissatisfied customers become satisfied?

If you are involved in marketing, service quality, customer care, customer experience, customer satisfaction , our CX program can help you achieve your goals. With apočn and this CX program with us and start your commitment to customers.

Reporting and software

Our CX software provides clients with an online website with all the necessary information to monitor the progress of the project. Data is automatically collected and reports are created at the individual, total level, as well as filtered views.

The whole process in 4 steps

  • 1. Preparation –  contracting, defining goals and survey questions, settings in the software
  • 2. Survey –  sending a survey, users fill out surveys
  • 3. Reporting –  Data is automatically collected and reports are created at the individual, total level, as well as filtered views. The client received an online page with the most important information about the course of the project (dashboard).
  • 4. Completion of the process – Recommended activities to users based on NPS segmentation are started, cases are opened and closed.
cx supp

Complete Customer Experience (CX) support

You got the Customer Experience report and recommendations, but what next? It is necessary to organize activities towards users based on NPS segmentation, open, monitor and resolve cases of dissatisfaction. How to organize an internal team that will deal with it? What to do with Passive Users, do anything with Promoters? Don’t worry, Adverto Metrics will provide you with full support from the beginning to the end of the process , from meeting your own customers / users in the form of Customer Journey Mapping to Closing The Loop .

More about Customer Experience (CX)

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