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Comprehensive approach and success factors

The complete picture of employee engagement is complicated and with a lot of nuances. To best understand all these nuances, the Adverto EX method breaks them down into more specific areas that we call Key Factors , each with its own subfactors , which make it easier to define questions, analyze answers, draw conclusions, and plan actions:

  1. Job satisfaction
  2. Personal engagement
  3. Perspective
  4. Team dynamics
  5. Purpose and meaning

Reporting and platform

Our  EX platform  provides clients with an online website with all the necessary information to monitor the progress of the project.

Data is automatically collected and reports are created at the individual, total level, as well as filtered views.

Anonymous employee surveys

In order for employees’ answers and opinions to be honest, their identity needs to be protected . Only data analysis based on  honest and realistic employee responses makes sense and helps management make the right decisions in order to increase engagement.

Adverto EX acknowledges the concerns of employees that their answers may cause them problems if they are not confidential and therefore implies anonymous surveys as a prerequisite for honest answers . This means that no one from the company can know who answered what. 

This does not diminish management’s insight into the responses because they are visible but not related to specific individuals.

More on Employee Experience (EX)

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