Adverto MX 1

Market research as part of the experience

Although Experience measurements involve primarily customers (CX) and employees (EX), there are other factors that also play a role in how people relate and influence brand success. Marketing campaigns, the performance of products or services over time , potential customers, and even competition play an important role. Surveying and analytics help companies get answers to detailed questions directly from consumers with industry-specific quick insights.

Reporting and platform

Our MX  platform provides clients with an online website with all the necessary information to monitor the progress of the project.

Data is automatically collected and reports are created at the individual, total level, as well as filtered views.

MX solutions for your business

Competitive and your performance, market assessment and brand perception studies help identify consumer needs and expectations.

Whether it is an investment, growth or customer retention, we can offer you solutions for your business, organize and implement the program and help you make decisions .

More on Market Experience (MX)

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