What is Employee Experience (EX)?

Employee Experience (EX) , and experience of employees  is a method of dealing with: 

  1. by collecting data on the experience of employees in the company in which they work
  2. data analysis
  3. by taking measures for improvements.

The goals are greater employee satisfaction  and engagement .

Why is Exployee Experience (EX) important?

Employee Experience (EX)  is directly related to Customer Experience (CX), or Customer Experience. Satisfied and engaged employees are a prerequisite for satisfied and loyal customers.

Companies with a high employee engagement rate have higher productivity, better products, services and customers, as well as higher profits.

EX analytics

With statistical and additional textual analysis of employee responses,  Employee  Experience (EX) analytics  indicates the reasons for employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction with various topics by measuring their new engagement. 

EX analytics show the extent to which the company meets employee expectations, showing a simple and easy-to-understand what needs to be fixed to increase satisfaction and engagement.

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Who are the highly engaged employees?

Employees who are engaged in their work, fulfilled and motivated are highly engaged . They have a high level of energy, are dedicated to work tasks and perform them with deep concentration . In addition, they are enthusiastic and persistent when faced with challenges. They invest in their work, give better results and are less likely to go to another employer. Moreover, engaged employees not only do a good job for themselves, but make their teams better . 

They help your business shine .

Start an engagement program

The first steps  towards improving employee engagement are  understanding its importance  and  standardizing the way engagement is measured. It is necessary to listen to the employees regularly and learn what it takes to be the best. 

That way, you can take action that will create a stronger, more focused workforce.

Employee Experience in Adverto Metrics

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