What is Market Experience (MX)?

Market Experience (MX) to focus on the wider market , not just your customers. In addition to them, there are customers of your competition, potential customers who have never used the goods or services offered by you or your competition, customers who come to you but do not make a purchase. This service provides you with more general information for strategic decisions on how to compete, what are the trends and what drives customer decisions .

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Why is Market Experience (MX) important?

Insights into the market situation allow you to find out:

  • Your market position in relation to the competition
  • What are yours and what are the advantages of the competition
  • What you need to change in order to have a competitive advantage
  • What you need to change to increase the number of purchases in relation to the total number of customer entries
  • What bothered the customers who came to you
  • Find out how customers feel when they leave and whether they intend to return again

MX analytics

With statistical and additional textual analysis of your customers ‘and potential customers’ responses, Market Experience (MX) analytics primarily uses CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) customer satisfaction metrics .

It indicates your strengths and weaknesses as well as your competition , reasons for customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, along with indicators where action is needed to improve or reverse the situation in your favor .

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Start a program of market victories

In order to be able to take positive steps in your own market, you first need to get to know it, and then regularly monitor the dynamic changes and adapt , that is , to change with the changes in the market.

Customers will tell you what they want , MX Analytics will process the data and save it for your decision making, but first you need to decide to get started . Ask customers questions about the market, about competition, what they like, what they don’t like, follow trends and everything that drives customers.

We can help you understand how your message, offer or new product resonates in the market, so you can make quick adjustments and plan future activities with more confidence .

Market Experience in Adverto Metrics

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